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We provide professional bird control and prevention solutions to suit your building

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Pest Control in Cornwall & Devon

PROPEST SOLUTIONS is a family based company offering a professional pest solution. With pest controllers based in Cornwall & Devon, we are never far from you. We supply commercial and domestic premises with a professional pest solution. Our expert staff ensure clients peace of mind for all pest control solutions.

With a team that includes friendly tradesmen and staff, with over 25 years experience in the pest control industry. PROPEST SOLUTIONS has a professional team, with qualified RSPH Level 2 trained technicians, and are members of the Basis PROMPT scheme, NPTA, RSPH, and Think Wildlife.

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Commercial Premises

Effective pest control is essential for a successful business. Far too often the customers discover the pests before the staff do.

Domestic Premises

The thought of sharing our home, garden, outbuilding, garage or shed with an unwanted and uninvited animal or insect is not a pleasant thought.

Cornwall: 01209 314663 Devon: 01803 220380

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Although ants are not thought to carry diseases, the possibilities of where they have been before arriving at your premises are extremely worrying – you don’t want them crawling through your property’s food storage areas.

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are difficult to control, even for the seasoned professional pest controller, so take note please. The essential to obtain good control of biting bed bugs, is good preparation.

Hornets & Wasps

Dealing with wasps and hornets requires experienced pest control specialists with the right knowledge, equipment and treatments.



The cockroach will send a shiver down anyone’s spine; repulsive creatures that scuttle around properties and homes, once you see one, you know there are hundreds more…


The very thought of fleas in the home is enough to make most people’s skin crawl, but it can happen through no fault of your own. Pets can pick up fleas from other animals or places and give them a ride home.


Often found in large numbers in roof voids in Autumn where they hibernate over the winter period.

Rats & Mice

Blunt nose, small ears and a thicker body when compared to the Black Rat (Rattus rattus).

Bird Control

Birds can be a real problem for any business or home. Not only do they cause a mess, but they can also be a health hazard – and a little frightening especially when defending their nests.