Pest Control Cornwall

Have a family of unwanted friends moved into your home or work place? Not only a nuisance, but pests can be detrimental to both your health and your business, and need to be tackled before they take over without even paying you rent.

If you’re looking for a reputable family-run pest control company in the Cornwall area, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve been fumigating fleas, scaring seagulls and warding off wormwood for over 20 years now, and we love nothing more than getting stuck into a new pest conundrum.

Commercial Services
Nothing makes a business fall into disarray quicker than a pest control problem. You don’t even have to be a local takeaway with a family of mice trying to move in – pest issues can run into all types of industries.

For example, your B&B bookings are probably going to dip if a seagull decides to nest on the roof and run around sounding like they’re wearing football boots all day. Equally, nobody wants to open their gym locker to discover the last person left a syrupy spillage and now it’s overrun with ants. You get our drift – you need to get the critters out, and quick!

Domestic Services
Leggy lodgers aren’t ideal in any situation, but when it’s your home, it can completely ruin your comfort and truly mess with your mental health. Just thinking about fleas makes people itchy, right? Did you just scratch your head too? Making sure that unwanted visitors are sent packing as soon as possible can mean the difference between a quarantined room and a completely fumigated home.

Contact us here at CMPC Pest Control Services today and we will send an expert pest controller out to your premises or home as soon as physically possible – operating 24/7.